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A non-profit volunteer-based organization created by authors, for authors to get their voice regardless of opportunity.

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Control Over the Publishing Process

Only get what you need, while learning how the printing process works. You will help bring yours, and other authors’ works to life through print.

Your Printing Cost:

$3 per book

Control Over the Publishing Process

To make publishing easily accessible to you and thousands of other authors, you will all be volunteering your time to help each other succeed in your dreams of becoming a published author.

This is a great opportunity for first-time authors and hobby writers!

Control Over the Publishing Process

You will be assigned to a team of five other authors who will help you edit, organize and assemble your book, vastly reducing the expense of publishing

Your Editing Cost:


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Scheduling and Volunteer Hours

Volunteer only at the times that work for you. This program encourages effort and hard work, so the more you put in, the more you will get out!

The editing process will be scheduled similarly with you being partnered with authors of similar genres and timetables who will best edit and review your book.

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Opportunity and Reading Exposure

By the time your book is published, you will already have five recommendations from your author group, and you will be able to recommend their books to others!

Give yourself, and others the chance to bring your dreams to life!

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Get Your Story Told, Your Way!

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